Coaching that Helps You Write Better at Work in Less Time

If you work for the government of Canada or any organization with a public face and struggle with writing at work, then my coaching can give you a clear understanding of how to write better faster.

Imagine having a dedicated writing consultant at work with you who can:

  • Give you feedback on your writing, helping you write it better
  • Provide expert guidance to support you in your writing challenges
  • Give dependable answers to questions about your writing, ranging from grammar or style to content
  • Offer you a perspective on your document from your intended audience’s point of view
  • Help you identify the most effective ways to make your writing better

How Can I Use My Coaching?

  • Submit a short piece of your writing that needs work (up to 500 words): I will suggest strategies to improve it—guiding you through rewriting it making it stronger 
  • Send a document of any length—if all it needs is editing for final polish—and I’ll help you make it shine
  • Get help and advice with planning a strategy to ensure a document meets its purpose and matches its audience
  • Receive guidance with turning something into plain, easy-to-understand language
  • Diagnose your writing weaknesses by taking personalized tests and receive customized lessons to help you fix them
  • Access reference materials that will answer questions about grammar and punctuation
  • Get individual answers to questions about style, grammar, or punctuation. These answers will be thoroughly researched and carefully tuned to match your context

What’s Not Included in My Coaching?

  • Content development
  • Creative writing projects
  • Writing a document from scratch or ghostwriting of any kind
  • Writing intended for an internal audience that uses specialized internal jargon

How Fast Can I Expect a Response from You?

The turnaround is one business day unless you need help with a large or complex project. In that case, I will assess the work and give you a revised turnaround time.

How Much Will I Benefit from Four(4) Coaching Hours?

A lot depends on the project, but a 300-word block of dense writing that needs rewriting for clarity uses up around 30 minutes.

A one-page letter or email that needs editing for final polish uses up around 15 minutes.

Answers to grammar or style questions usually take no more than 10 minutes.

If any job is going to take more than 30 minutes, I will first get your approval.

My Coaching is Right For You If…

  • You work for the Government of Canada or an organization that requires you to write a lot at work
  • You’re dedicated to improving your writing skills
  • You’re motivated and are willing to take advice
  • You want the flexibility and guidance a writing coach can deliver
  • Your writing at work is meant to convey information clearly and accurately, and you’re not trying to sell something

My Coaching is NOT Right For You If…

  • Your focus is creative writing
  • You’re looking for a ghostwriting service
  • You need someone to develop ideas or the content
  • You want help with writing that is created for your internal audience or uses internal jargon
  • English is not your first language, and you often need help with problems like using a or the correctly, using the right verb tense and choosing the right word

How Can I Get Started with Coaching?

1 – Fill out the Form Below

First, fill out the form below, and I’ll email you within one(1) business day.

From there, you’ll complete a questionnaire that will give me an idea of what kind of help you might need.

2 – Sign Up for Four(4) Hours of Coaching Time

Once we have determined coaching is suitable for you, we’ll sign a coaching agreement.

This agreement will include four(4) hours of coaching time (600 CAD), which can be used anytime or any way you want.

3 – Getting Started on Improving Your Writing

After you’ve signed the agreement: I’ll ask you questions about your writing context, finding out if you have to follow any particular style guidelines. This will help me become familiar with your context to give you feedback quickly when you need it.

The time we spend on the context and style guidelines discovery does not count as coaching hours. After this step, you can then use your four coaching hours as you wish.

We will then have a 30-minute Zoom or chat session to see if the coaching is suitable for you.

Until we sign an agreement, you’ll have absolutely no commitment.